Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gift Guide

Now that Thanksgiving is over and it is full speed ahead into the rest of the winter holidays, it's time for my yearly gift guide. All are gifts that I would either give (though no one will actually be getting them, since all those who receive holiday gifts from me read this site), or are gifts that I'm secretly hoping to receive.

16MM One Row White Pearl Collar Necklace with Goldtone Clasp

Also called the "Michelle Pearls," this is the faux pearl necklace that Mrs. Obama has been wearing lately. $50, available at Carolee online.

Subscription to Intelligent Life

I've written about my love for the web site More Intelligent Life and have lamented that the print magazine is not available in the United States. Well now it is, though it costs $60 for four yearly issues.

Blood Orange Mika Room & Body Spray By Voluspa

I've never thought of wearing a room spray as perfume, but this blood orange spray, which I picked up at Anthropologie last spring works as both. $18.

Garden and Cosmos, The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur

My favorite fall art exhibit at the Sackler Gallery, Garden and Cosmos, The Royal Paintings of Jodhpur, features paintings with intricate, intoxicating detail. If someone can't make it to the gallery, bring them this book instead. Available online or at the Sackler Gallery.
New York City in a Bag

Because I love things you can play with, I'm drawn to this model city. Available at the Museum of Modern Art store or online.

Subscription to Today in Literature

For $25 a year, you can receive invaluable tidbits about books and authors in your email box. Need to know what day Hart Crane hosted a party for Harry Crosby that was attended by E. E. Cummings, William Carlos Williams, Malcolm Cowley and Walker Evans? December 7. Or the day Theodore Roethke was hospitalized for a manic-depressive breakdown? November 12. I keep signing up for free trials with my various email addresses, but am starting to think that the $25 would be worth it. Subscribe here.

Vested dachshund Cambridge tie

The world's cutest tie? Quite possibly. Available at J. Crew.

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Greg Fletcher-Marzullo said...

This is awesome - thank you! I'm totally going to do the literature subscription thing for my mom - she'll love it.

I saw the Garden of Cosmos book at the yoga studio and was spellbound. I'm totally going to the exhibit, now, especially since the art diva of D.C. recommends it.