Monday, April 21, 2008

I Love Georgetown

Georgetown is my favorite part of the city, and I hardly ever get there, which is really unfortunate. Anywhere that is like a European shopping district made over by Ralph Lauren is my kind of place, as is anywhere that I get stopped on the street so someone can ask if my purse is Vera Bradley (it is). I went there on Saturday after getting a wonderful massage, and I hit Wisconsin Avenue and M Street. Some highlights:

- The Lantern used book store (I cleaned up here, getting six books for $20, including The Master and the Margarita, The Shadow of the Wind (a favorite that I just didn't own), The Namesake (ditto), a book on art writing, On Beauty by Zadie Smith, and A Walk in the Woods (Bill Bryson is one of my favorite writers).

- Wisey's cafe, where I had a terrific wrap, iced tea and a baby-sized pink cupcake.

- A second used bookstore, whose name I can't remember, but where I picked up In Cold Blood, Pride and Prejudice, and Brideshead Revisited for $10.

- Fornash, a preppy accessories store, where I got a new spring clutch made of wicker. I'm in love with this place: hair ties with bows on them, coral print make up cases, and so many purses with bows.

Next weekend is the French Market, so I'm pretty sure I'm going back on Saturday.

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