Friday, April 4, 2008

Geisha Lounge

I headed down to Geisha Lounge on Wednesday evening for a launch of a weekly party. Despite being tiny, the place has a good atmosphere, and sort of reminds of the lounges I used to frequent in Edinburgh.

But the main reason to head there is for the sushi. I've lamented before about the lack of really good sushi in this city, (Sushi Taro excepted), but I tried a spicy tuna roll (my favorite) and a Philadelphia roll and both were fantastic. And I've been craving more of the smoked salmon from the Philly roll ever since I've had it, so if anyone is up for a visit, drop me a line.

And the drinks, like at any good lounge, are deadly. One drink, (I don't even know what it was called but it was bright green), was enough for me for the whole evening.

Plus Aaron Smith, whose Rock Candy Productions holds night events around the city, is a sweetheart.

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Matthew said...

That's a lovely review.