Saturday, October 27, 2007

Tono Sushi

I used to eat sushi rather frequently, but once I discovered Indian and Ethiopian food, I started eating those more (probably due to the carb/dairy preference I have). But I tend to forget how much I like sushi until I go out for it. The best place I've been in the District is Sushi Taro, where I went with the brother, and where we just kept ordering more and more courses.

Last night I went to Tono Sushi with L., and I think she described the place best as "somewhere to go to curb your sushi craving." It's good but not great, and offers a lot of choices in addition to sushi.

We started with miso and wasabi pork dumplings, which were so hot they made us cry. Then we got a few rolls — two spicy tunas, California, rainbow, and yellowtail — along with shrimp tempura udon. The yellowtail was the best of the rolls, since the fish tasted really fresh, and the spicy tuna was nowhere near firm enough. The rainbow roll was disappointing, since the sashimi was over a shrimp tempura roll, and not a California roll like I've usually seen, so it wasn't light enough.

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