Saturday, June 23, 2007

wok 'n roll

I went out to lunch today at Wok 'n Roll in Chinatown. My plan was two-fold: a. I had been craving sushi, and b. due to my roommates vacating my house, I was without any means of cooking, and therefore this would be a power lunch before hitting Bed Bath and Beyond.

I had been there before, in the fall, and the sushi was pretty decent. However, today's trip was one of the worst dining experiences in recent memory. First, when I arrived the place was near empty, yet I was seated next to a table of four tourists. One member of this party was especially boisterous, and I think he even annoyed his dining companions. If space allows, restaurants should sit solo diners away from groups.

I ordered steamed vegetable dumplings, and three sushi rolls. The dumplings arrived first. Now I am picky about my dumplings — I like them steamed, with lots of shredded vegetables, and a sweet sauce — and therefore have trouble finding ones I enjoy (although Ten Ren Teahouse in College Park is the hands-down winner of the best vegetable dumplings I have ever eaten). The dumplings at Wok were horrifying. The wrapper was mushy, and the filling — I kid you not — peas, corn, and tiny shreds of cabbage. The sauce was too salty.

While still eating the mess of the dumplings, the sushi arrived. The sushi was significantly better than the dumplings, but not great. The rice was slightly hard, the avocado a little too soft, and the tuna not very flavorful.

And then I had to wait 20 minutes for my bill. All in all, I'm hoping it was just an off-day, since Wok is a decent, fast sushi option.

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