Saturday, June 26, 2010


Farewell, loyal readers. I'm leaving DC for Chicago today.

I've been writing this blog for exactly three years (I began June 23, 2007), and while posts fell off after I began writing for other outlets, it was fun to look back on things I've done. Here's a sort-of greatest hits list for my past four years in DC. They're things that were really fun, and that made my time here memorable. In no particular order…

1. I judged a cupcake contest.
2. I went to Barack Obama's inauguration.
3. I went to a Barbie convention.
4. I went out to lunch and gallery hopping with Isaac Julien.
5. I took part in a DC scavenger hunt.
6. The Poet Laureate recited poems for me.
7. I went to Presidential homes.
8. I went to Jose Andres' 40th blowout birthday party with wonderful friends and met Richard Wolffe.
9. I interviewed William Christenberry.
10. I ate a LOT of amazing food with amazing people. There's been too much to call out here.
11. I got to see incredible art for free at museums.
12. I covered the National Book Festival and interviewed a lot of great authors.

Thanks for reading, everyone. It's been fun.


Missy said...

We'll miss you Amy!

Warren said...

As a fellow writer Im inspired by that list! If you have time check out my blog your feedback would be appreciated. I had wanted to start a magazine (tried) and failed but I refuse to give up!