Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things to Read and Happy Easter!

Whew, I've been really busy lately - lots of writing assignments, events, seeing friends I haven't seen in awhile... I'm headed north today for the Easter holiday, where I will do things like dye eggs, mull over what should be served at Easter brunch (have ideas? leave 'em in the comments), and force two mischievous kitties to settle down and sit in my lap. Oh and start Pride and Prejudice. It will be great.

Here are some things to read:

• A round-up of some of the cherry dishes on menus around town

• A profile of the A.M. Wine Shoppe in Adams Morgan

• Photographer Susana Raab has a new show at Irvine Contemporary (she's one of the best interviews I've done this year)

• Check out Attic Salt for some really terrific submissions of people's favorite books. This is turning out to be lots of fun, and there are many great entries to look forward to in the weeks to come!

• Finally, a tweet I made on Tuesday made the rounds on the Internet, and hilariously, also ended up in the Washington Post Express

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