Monday, October 5, 2009

Touring the Capitol

When you live in a city like D.C., going to tourist sites doesn't happen very often. I usually depend on visitors to see the non-arty Smithsonians or the monuments. On my parents' visit a few days ago we went two places I hadn't been before — the White House and the Capitol. While I couldn't bring a camera into the White House, the rooms we saw were beautiful, and the views from the White House windows are amazing.

Then we went to the Hill, where we walked around by the Capitol and Library of Congress, before deciding to tour the Capitol. That was also beautiful.

Other visit highlights included dinner at Café Atlantico (delicious skirt steak and jerk chicken, and those conch fritters I love) and a visit to the National Geographic Museum, where we saw the very cool Polar Obsession show, and the last weekend of the Jouberts' photographs.

Cleaning day at the Library of Congress fountain.

The dome inside the Capitol building.

Looking down the mall from the Capitol.

The front of the Capitol building.

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