Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend Away: Chicago

I spent last weekend in Chicago — it was my first visit and I loved every minute of it. Below, some of the highlights.

We had dinner one night at the Publican, which is a terrific gastropub. Beginning with plump oysters and finishing with salty gouda, everything was delicious. My favorite was the Basque stew, with cod, shrimp, clams and mussels with tomatoes in a broth, served with rustic bread and rouille.

We didn't try the charcuterie, but this picture is so cute, if I ever go back, I'm getting it. But the pickles were great, and have inspired me to attempt pickling this weekend.
(Credit: Grant Kessler Photography)

The Museum of Science and Industry is currently showing Harry Potter, The Exhibition. And oh my goodness, is it cool. Above is Harry and Ron's dorm room, and there are also lots of costumes, the books Gilderoy Lockhart published, food from the Great Hall dinners — even Dobby. It's in Chicago until September 27, and then opens at the Museum of Science in Boston on October 25. (Credit: Chris Hollo, Hollo Photographics, Inc.)

The White Sox decimated the Yankees on Saturday afternoon. It was the first Yankees game I ever went to, and it was beautiful. It was also the third new baseball stadium I've been to this year.

The Art Institute (which has free Thursday and Friday evening admission during the summer), was crowded but lovely. The highlight there was the special exhibition, Cy Twombly: The Natural World, Selected Works 2000–2007. There are over 30 works on display that focus on nature (seascapes and flowers). So pretty.

Next up in Weekend Away: Western Mass. & Maine.


Todd said...

Did you visit the Sears Tower?

Ms. Cavanaugh said...

Alas, no. But I did visit a very tall building with a bar at the top.

Todd said...

Sounds like the best weekend ever.