Thursday, July 16, 2009

Capital Fringe Festival

We're in the middle of the Capital Fringe Festival right now, and this is the first year I'm paying attention. I went to two shows last weekend, A Tactile Dinner and Irish Authors Held Hostage. Though vastly different performances, both were great fun.

I can't say a lot about A Tactile Dinner, since it's an experience more than a show, and it really requires that you don't know much of what's coming. But there are costumes, you're seated one person at a time, and there are some rather interesting dishes to try. The whole thing is inspired by the Futurists, and it's a "syn├Žsthetic food experience." That's all I'm going to say.

Irish Authors Held Hostage is a series of vignettes in which, yes, Irish authors are held hostage by all different kinds of terrorists. From Oscar Wilde to Brendan Behan, about a dozen novelists and poets appear, as do Al Qaeda and Somalian pirates on the terrorist side. It's a riot, particularly if you're up on your writers.

For a general overview of Fringe, you can go read more here.

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