Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sweet Charity

How beautiful are these? Flower-topped cupcakes from June B Sweet and innumerable other tiny desserts (along with some savories) were the night's dinner at Sweet Charity, an event that raises money for the Heart of America, which helps children learn to read.

Besides the fashion show, in which outfits were decorated with chocolate, highlights included the Fourth Estate's dish of pork, bacon and sweet potatoes on top of mashed peas with cheese. Bobby Van's scallop with jicama slaw was also delicious. On the dessert side it was harder to choose a favorite, but I loved the Blue Duck Tavern's blackberry petit fours and apricot macarons, Artisan Confections' salted caramel truffle and Wolfgang Puck Catering's cilantro cheesecake.

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