Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Memorial Day Staycation

For the first time since I've lived in D.C., I'm sticking around for Memorial Day. A good number of my friends are travelling, and after the busy last several weeks, I'm looking forward to three days of semi-quiet with visits to farmer's markets and getting through The Historian.

But I'm also trying to come up with some different activities. I go to museums all the time, so what are some things I could do that would be a bit off the beaten path? Leave me suggestions, please!


Missy said...

Trying to think of stuff I enjoy locally that's not so touristy. Have you hit...
*The Arboretum? Particularly the bonsai exhibit.
*Some of the city's weirder experience-oriented bars - Palace of Wonders, Piratz Tavern.
*A theater production from one of the small companies like Catalyst/Washington Shakespeare Company/Rorshach? Or maybe a Washington Improv Theater show?
*Field trip to Eden Center? Or Annandale for Korean?
*Catch a movie at Arlington Drafthouse?
*The crazy minigolf jungle place in Herndon?

Emily said...

This sounds super cliche, but it's totally worth it: Go to Arlington Cemetery on Monday. It's been one of the most moving experiences I've had in D.C. Section 60 is packed with families who've recently lost relatives in Iraq/Afghanistan. It's quite the reality check. We went last year and I'll probably never forget it.

amazinggraze said...

Rolling Thunder. (;