Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weekend Away: Houston, Part I

Oh, so much to share from my recent trip to Houston — I had a fantastic time visiting my brother and had some absolutely wonderful food.

My favorite meal was at Feast. I feel like I haven't had a completely perfect meal in awhile, and Feast came through. I didn't try any of the organ meat dishes that Feast does, but from the smooth chicken liver pate and albondigas, Spanish style meatballs, to the fish and scallop pie (below), which was topped with cheesy mashed potatoes and leeks, to the best sticky toffee pudding I've had this side of the Atlantic, everything was marvelous. And they served a perfect Pimm's. Frank Bruni talks about it here.

The next night we went to Hugo's, where Diana Kennedy told me I had to go to when we were talking Mexican cuisine last year. To my delight, it's squash blossom time, and I had some fried blossoms filled with goat cheese. That was followed by shrimp sautéed in lime garlic oil (below), and bites from everyone else's plates, which yielded me tastes of chiles rellenos, poblano peppers stuffed with roasted chicken and asadero cheese, carnitas, and a beautiful seared duck breast and braised leg with mole Poblano.

Dessert was equally as good — hazelnut cake and caramel-filled crepes were both perfect ways to cap off the meal.

Thank you to Dad & Mom for two lovely dinners!

Up next: beautiful gardens, a baseball game, and the Gulf of Mexico.

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