Friday, March 6, 2009

Orchids through Darwin's Eyes

For the last two years I've gone to see the annual orchid show, which is held at either the U.S. Botanic Garden or the Museum of Natural History. The two switch off who plans and holds it each year, and this year it's the Museum's turn. Orchids through Darwin's Eyes is up and running right now, and the 15th annual show celebrates Charles Darwin, on the occasion of his 200th birthday.

Darwin studied the flowers, which helped him develop his theories of natural selection and evolution. The exhibit focuses on how he looked at orchids, and his continuing influence on naturalists, horticulturists and scientists today.

I haven't been yet, but plan to head there soon to take some photos.

Orchids Through Darwin’s Eyes closes April 27.

Photo Credit: James Osen, Smithsonian Institution

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