Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ted Allen's New Show Debuts Tonight on Food Network

Former Top Chef and Iron Chef America debuts a new show tonight — Chopped, which is more or less Top Chef on speed. Go here to read my article on Allen.

Excerpt from the article:

The premise of “Chopped” is simple — four chefs square off by cooking a three-course meal — appetizer, entrée and dessert. Someone is “chopped” after each course and the winner collects $10,000 but doesn’t return to the show. “Chopped” is like a pared down version of “Top Chef” — there are three eliminations per show and many of the wacky aspects of challenges (like coming up with dishes inspired by the “12 Days of Christmas” or based on zoo animals’ diets) are removed.

“What I really like about the show is that all the drama, and all of the panic, and the tears and triumphs, comes exclusively from whether or not you can cook something great,” Allen says. “If you look at ‘Top Chef,’ the major difference is that it’s a reality show. Everyone lives in the ‘Big Brother’ house, you take away their phones and brainwash them and subject them to sleep deprivation, which results in excellent television.”

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