Saturday, January 10, 2009

Red Door Spa at the Willard Hotel

Last week I was lucky enough to head to the new Red Door Spa at the Willard InterContinental Washington to have a stress melter ritual.

A atress melter ritual is as follows: a special integration of calming services begins with a skin-softening, olive oil body exfoliation, followed by a nurturing aromatic body wrap and scalp massage. An aroma-balancing massage is the final step of this stress-melting treatment.

Or, two hours spent in a semi-conscious state in which every stress I ever had melted away. The exfoliation portion was amazing, and that was followed by the most amazing shower ever (side jets mean hair doesn't get wet. Someone make this available for everyday showers, please.) I had most been looking forward to the massage (especially since the last time I went to the spa, for the media opening, the masseuse told me I had to get back there immediately because the amount of stress in my back was ridiculous), but by that point I was already totally relaxed. Just like after Savasana, I wish yoga studios let you take a nap, I was ready to fall asleep after my treatment.

I had gone to the Red Door Spa in Chevy Chase previously, but I love this new space — the staff are really sweet, there's a great outdoor patio area (for spring and summer treatments), and it's a half-block from my office.

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