Monday, September 15, 2008

Where I've Been

It's been extremely busy around here lately, and there are no signs of slowing down before October comes. Here's a recap of things I've seen/done over the past week.

* PS 7's Fall Menu
I sampled chef Peter Smith's new dishes last week, and they are delicious. Especially the short ribs studded with foie gras and folded into puff pastry.

* Richard Avedon: Portraits of Power at the Corcoran
This is just exceptional. I'm smitten with the photograph of Katharine Graham in the hallway, in which she's one portrait in a line of men. And the photos that check in with people affiliated with JFK's presidency 30 years later is pretty great too. A must see.

I had been looking forward to this British restaurant opening for awhile, and it's worth the wait. I'll have a review up on the Blade site later this week.

* George de Forest Brush at the National Gallery of Art
I'll post the link to my DCist review when it's up.

* Christenberry at Hemphill Fine Arts
I first fell for William Christenberry's work when he had a show about 2 years ago at the American Art Museum. I think I saw it five times, and continue to love his work, particularly his photographs of old Southern buildings and houses.

* Zaytinya's Greek Modern Festival Dinner
The dishes were hit or miss, but the fig soup, with fresh figs blended with sherry, simple syrup and lemon juice was impeccable. And the feta ice cream served with eggplant was unexpected but wonderful.

* In Afghanistan at the Touchstone Gallery
I've been interested in Afghanistan lately, especially after the show at the National Gallery earlier this year, and the wonderful party I went to at the Embassy of Afghanistan. The photos here are alternately stunning and heartbreaking, but it's so important that Americans see these images, particularly because of the tenuous relationship we share with the country.

* Here
That's all I can say.

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