Friday, September 19, 2008

The Rule of Cheap

Just like the "rule of ugly," which states that any time you don't wash your hair, or have a spot on your dress, someone will talk to you in a bar, the "rule of cheap" has been invoked a lot recently.

I have these shoes that are a rip off of those Tory Burch flats you see everywhere. I got them last fall at Macy's back home, when I was searching for black flats. I wasn't completely sold on them, but they were on the sale rack and cost $8.

I get a compliment on these shoes every single time I wear them. Sitting in court watching a trial, someone commented on them. People at parties ask if they're Tory Burch. Sometimes I want to pretend that they are, but it's such a better story that these shoes cost pennies a compliment, as opposed to some items of clothing, which run me upwards of $50 a compliment.

The rule also applies to this green peasant skirt ($15), pink J. Crew skirt ($20), and hot pink J. Crew purse ($15). Unfortunately, my higher end items never get this sort of attention.

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