Thursday, June 19, 2008

Garden Party

There are a few things that make me want to pack up and move back to New England immediately. One is when the weather in D.C. is so humid that I have to shower three times a day. The other is when there are really exciting sports games (the Sox, Patriots and Celtics were all in the finals in the past year), and I know that my entire family is watching it together, usually with food made by my culinarily-talented brother.

But even watching it alone, the Celts' 39-point win Tuesday night was pretty amazing, and it was the first time I saw them win the Championship (seeing as how the last time they won, in 1986, I was 2).

I've also decided that my next job needs to involve live blogging sports events.

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Dillon58 said...

Yay Celts! Nothing beats a Celtics celebration at Fenway Park with the Red Sox!