Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sweet Charity

Last night I went to Sweet Charity, a fundraiser for the Heart of America foundation, which raises money to buy books for D.C. libraries and school. The "sweet" part of the title came from the hundreds of desserts that chefs whipped up and from the fashion show in which models wore outfits made from candy.

Dessert highlights included raspberry chocolate cream puffs, gelato, raspberry almond truffles, and tres leches cake. Luckily, since I don't have a very strong sweet tooth, there were about a dozen tables with savory options, including the fantastic filet with Gorgonzola crust from Bobby Van's, (and which will be served again next Thursday at ZooFari), a lamb chop with tzatziki from Zaytinya, and a veal meatball from Olives that I went back for seconds on. Also great was the achiote-scented salmon with cream cheese pearls from Farrah Olivia.

It was really a fun evening out, and it was nice to see area restaurants pushing their desserts, since when I go out to dinner I rarely have room for it.

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