Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day Gift Guide

My inbox has been inundated with ideas for Mother's Day dinners, brunches, recipes, flowers, gifts, cards, mimosas, etc. So what, I thought, my own mother lives five states away and I can't take her out to dinner or brunch or make her a blackberry champagne cocktail (but I CAN make myself one). Besides, her gift was ordered a week ago and the card is already in the mail.

So if your mother lives locally and you're lazy, here are some last minute ideas.

Artisan Confections in Arlington is having a Mother's Day sale, with 10% off all purchases of $15 or more. Jason's chocolates are colorful and among the most beautiful I've ever seen.

• Saturday's 14th and U Farmer's market will have flowers, including salmon tulips, hesperis, and alliums. Please stay away from lilies. Please.

• If you're planning to take Mom out, check here for listings. It seems like every restaurant has special brunches and dinners planned for Sunday.

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