Friday, March 28, 2008

I Don't Trust High-Schoolers; Or, Why Should Not Allow User Recommendations

I poke around quite a bit on the Barnes and Noble web site to add to my very long list of books to eventually read someday. Tonight I stumbled across this book. The synopsis for Henderson the Rain King sounds terrific: "Bellow's glorious, spirited story of an eccentric American millionaire who finds a home of sorts in deepest Africa," but then scroll down to customer reviews.

why what happened

saul bellow wasn't creative and his language was to complex, he should provide notes or analisis like shakespere does, he needs to put more detail and open his mind more.

Reminder how complexed some people are

I was assigned this book by my Honors English teacher and I think that Hendersons character shows that even the strongest man (by physical appearance ) can be very weak on the inside. I enjoyed reading the book and can't wait to read me by this author.

Yes, these are the two reviews that are posted on the main page. There are three more reviews, which are markedly better, though still far from erudite.

I like to think that the people behind are being ironic in posting these, and that someone who would read this book wouldn't even look at user recommendations from high school students who can't spell, let alone appreciate literature (actually I don't even know if they're in high school, but I think it's a good guess). Though I find it sort of odd that an 18 year old who hated a book would log onto and write a review. Maybe this is just me being pretentious, but this user reviewing practice seems kind of absurd.

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