Sunday, February 17, 2008

Signs I am Becoming a Washingtonian

Today marks my year and a half anniversary of moving to the area. I spent the first 11 months in College Park, and now happily reside in the city. While I love it, I've started to realize that I am losing some of my New England-ness and am becoming a Washingtonian. Some signs:

1. When writing non-D.C. street addresses, I add "NW" to the end of everything. As in, 500 Elm St., NW, Boston, MA.

2. I complain heavily when the weather dips below 40*. Keep in mind that I have about 15 scarves, multiple hats and mittens, and grew up where the snow is currently as high as cars. And I still complain.

3. I look out for senators whenever I'm around the Hill.

4. I get excited when I go anywhere with a sales tax less than 10%.

5. Watching election results/debates has become a social event.

6. I get defensive when people talk about pandas in a less than desirable manner.

7. I care about the Redskins, Wizards and Nationals, except when they play Boston teams.

8. I've seen Chris Matthews (at the theater) and Tim Russert (at Cosi) and it was more exciting than the time I saw Jessica Simpson.

9. People ask me what hotels visitors should stay at and what they should do in town.

10. The maître d' at Butterfield 9 asked me if my accent was southern.

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