Friday, November 2, 2007

Weekend Art

While I will most likely be drowning in poetry up in Columbia Heights this weekend, there are a few good art events to check out.

Mid-City Artists Open Studios — Galleries across U St., Logan, and Dupont open their doors for artist visits and art buying on Saturday and Sunday. You can download a map on the website, and make your own art gallery crawl. This is my weekend pick, provided I have some free time on Sunday.

• The aforementioned Katharine Hepburn show may be a reason to head to the Chinatown area, but stick around the American Art Museum to see Earl Cunningham's America, which is in its final weekend. Cunningham was a 20th century folk artist.

• I've been hearing great things about the Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick show, Eisbergfreistadt, a new series of photographs and installations, over at Irvine Contemporary.

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