Saturday, November 24, 2007

Washington: Where the Rich Shop at Costco

Please go read this NYT article about how Washington's wealthy now shop at Costco. It's utterly absurd. And as for the statement that no one in Washington throws great dinner parties, well, obviously the writer has never been invited to a soiree at my residence.


Emily said...

My favorite holiday shopping news byte was the woman quoted in the Times today (or yesterday) saying that she is embarrassed to be seen shopping at Big Lots—which is where the reporter caught her and interviewed her for the front page of the paper.

Kathryn said...

Also among people who have never been invited to one of your soirees: me.

Fix this, will you?

LZA said...

FYI, Aunt Lee shops at Costco. I think that was where the ill-fated carrot cake was from.