Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Capital Food Fight Recap

The Capital Food Fight was everything I hoped — lots of delicious food, lots of wine, lots of hot chefs. I ate pates, ceviche, lobster sushi with blue cheese mousse, elk, braised ribs, liquid mozzarella (my favorite dish, made by the head chef at Café Atlantico, who I interviewed last week for an article), crème brûlées, tikka masala, several rounds of mojito oyster shooters, and an obscene amount of tuna tartare. Now I love tuna tartare as much as the next girl, but chefs, next year let’s diversify, shall we? I finally stopped eating after my fourth raw tuna dish. They were all amazing, especially the one from Hook, but I like originality.

Unfortunately, due to having the plague, I left early, and missed the after-party, which for some reason I was on the list for. So I'm not sure who won, and I can't find any results online this morning. But the event was marvelous, and I would absolutely go back next year, even if I have to pay for my ticket.

*Edit: Barton Seaver of Hook was the winner. Thanks, Washingtonian!

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