Monday, November 5, 2007

Anyone for Pimm's Winter?

Who knows where I can find Pimm's Winter in the States? Or more specifically, the District? I haven't had any since I was in London in March 2006, and this weather makes me want some. Or, is anyone UK-bound anytime soon?

My first glass of Pimm's Winter kicked off a memorable night on SB2k6, which involved a set of brothers and their random friend, a teeny Austrian bar in Notting Hill, and a rather verbose old man named Charles. Unfortunately Ms. Hilton did not record this spring break's adventures, like she did with SB2k5 and our rather eventful trip to the Czech Republic.


Layne said...

I just had a flashback to that night of SB2K6....I have this memory of us walking back towards our hostel with our "new friends", and everyone was coupling up -- you with the 30+ yr old brother, Jessie with the marine...and I was left with Not-So-Dawson's Creek. Did Not-So-Dawson's try to hold my hand? I think he did, and i think I screamed "bugger off" in a British Accent. I must agree with you..had this trip happened this year, we all probably would have found ourselves in a very different place the next morning.

Ms. Cavanaugh said...

Remember when we emailed the marine to get the pictures from that night and he never coughed them up?

It's probably because we refused to go to Ireland with them, slash when they came to meet us the next night, Jessie and I were "sleeping."

But because of that our pictures have probably be passed around the usmc, with the words, "do not date these girls."