Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Proper Book Arrangement

I have a lot of books. Conservative estimates would place the number at 300-350, but I think the actual number is higher. My books are split between one large, beautiful, built-in bookcase in my living room, and my parents' house in Massachusetts. There the books reside wherever there's space — in the attic, in my bookshelf, in crates, in my closet.

Once, when friends found out I didn't organize my books in any way, I decided to arrange them by geography, and by author within that. It made a lot of sense to me— Fitzgerald has more in common with Hemingway than he does Flaubert. But once I moved out, and my books were split, both collections fell into disorganization.

I just came across this Guardian article. Read it for people's suggestions on book arrangement — favorites include by color of the rainbow, by the order in which you read them, and by how you would place the authors next to each other at a dinner party.

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