Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Prague restaurants

I'm just going to throw this one out there — the food I consumed on my trip to Prague two years ago did not even resemble the food discussed in this NYT article. I recall three restaurants from my time there, and none came close to being considered good.

1. Buffalo Bill's: This charmer was located about two blocks from my hostel, and came at the recommendation of a hostel employee who obviously got paid every time he sent unwitting tourists over. Frankly all I remember was the obscenely cheap beer, as well as corn on the cob, because we have photos of it.

2. Bohemian Bagels: This place was memorable because it wasn't half bad. I hate eating Americanized cuisine in foreign countries, but something being able to get a bagel abroad is a fabulous thing.

3. I don't recall the name of the absolute worst restaurant I ever went to in my life, but I took a picture of it so I would never return on subsequent trips to Prague. I had some sort of horrible vegetable concoction, which does not even deserve to be called a salad, I remember some chicken carbonara dish which was barely edible, and the walls were covered with pornographic pictures — artfully done, however, so that we didn't realize what they were pictures of until halfway through lunch.

The Times article makes me want to return, since the possibility of appealing food is just one more gold star next to one of my favorite European capitals.

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