Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Last night I took advantage of IndeBleu's extended restaurant week and got to try a restaurant that's been on my "to-visit" list for some time.

And I wasn't disappointed. After a particularly excellent blackberry mojito, I moved onto a wild mushroom dosa with blue cheese, chicken tikka masala with rice and the most amazing naan I have ever eaten, and mango mousse. The dosa was extremely flavorful and the blue cheese was a nice complement. The chicken was exactly as it should be -- the sauce was rich yet light, and the chicken was without the fat that tends to accompany meat dishes in Indian restaurants. By dessert time I was too full to eat much, but the mango mousse was light and sweet.

The menu was also substantially less expensive than I had heard rumors of, and I later learned that the IndeBleu has recently slashed prices to attract a larger crowd and make the restaurant a D.C. hotspot.

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