Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ipods and school supplies

Today I went to the Apple store in Bethesda. My ipod, which would have turned three next month, was misbehaving, and since I can't live without an ipod, I took it in right away. Apparently the hard drive was failing, so they told me that I would be better off putting my money towards a new ipod instead of for repairs.

While I love my new, shiny, black 30 GB ipod, let's just take a moment to remember my old, white, 20 GB ipod. It made six transatlantic crossings, saw me all over Europe by train, was there for walking across campus at MHC, UMD, and St. Andrews, it was there for hours on the metro, countless paper-writing sessions, and many, many workout sessions.

But here's just another reason why I love Apple: they recycled my old ipod, and took 10% off the cost of the new one, AND they emailed me my receipt instead of printing one out.

Then I went on a failed search for a planner, which I'm other sure obscenely organized people understand. I like a medium sized planner, with a week layout, but with a two page month spread at the start of every month. This is a seemingly impossible request. My planner goes through the end of July, which means I'm extremely close to having to live without one, and which means if I make plans with anyone, I probably will not show up. I think a Staples trip is in order, as the start of my final school year is fast approaching, and it's time for me to load up on exciting things, like Mead 2-Subject notebooks, an item I take almost as seriously as a planner.

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